Björn Accoe

As an entrepreneur I love discovering opportunities.

Researching the unknown and investigating how the world would look like “out of the box”. Creativity being my goal in life, I focus on innovation and the power of initiating new things. Learning by doing in a world more complex than ever. Actively taking initiatives to work with passion and talent in organizations.

In 2010 I was awarded the “most creative entrepreneur in Ghent”. I continuously promote entrepreneurship as Flanders DC Fellow, member of the Unizo steering committee, Bryo sounding board, VOKA committee member and COCD (centrum voor ontwikkeling van het creatief denken).

Supporting the development of TFG is a logical step in my endeavors to build a more entrepreneurial world.

Louis De Keyser

Blogger @  Founder of Tiny House Belgium, Blogger about Innovation, Technology, Marketing and Business in NYC.